Supply chain issues and solutions

How MSI Pipe Protection avoids common supply chain issues

When people think of the supply chain, there tends to be an oversimplification of the process, but the actual process is still very complex. There were, and still are, many causes for the supply chain issues that everyone around the world faces—the Covid-19 pandemic created this mess. When Covid struck, the world shut down; every part of the supply chain was affected, from factories and infrastructure to ports and trucking. 

Workers couldn’t work without possibly spreading the virus. This leads us to our current situation where there are more job openings than workers to fill them. Without the proper amount of workers at the various ports, this has led to bottlenecks at ports globally. Current Target CEO Brian Cornell addressed this bottleneck. He described that this issue would not be something that could be an overnight solution. Sadly, supply chain issues aren’t going away time soon.

MSI's in-house supply chain resolutions

When companies look at their supply chain, they must face five main issues. MSI Pipe Protection meets those challenges head-on.

 The five challenges are:

  1. Meet customer expectations with supply chain diversification.
  2. Have enough stock when demand is increasing.
  3. Navigate unexpected challenges.
  4. Avoid overselling and over-promising.
  5. Anticipate manufacturing and supplier delays.

MSI Avoids Common Supply Chain Issues

MSI Pipe Protection avoids these five challenges by manufacturing everything in-house here in the United States, and MSI has branches in Houston, TX, Mexico, and Canada. No matter where you are, MSI can ship pieces to you quickly. We can ship out whatever amount you need because we have 11,000 pallets full of 3.2 million quality MSI and NOV parts. By manufacturing and storing everything in-house, we can avoid the supply chain issues that face our global community.

MSI Pipe Protection meets the global and local challenges of today’s supply chain processes. It is essential to be able to access outstanding products without having to wait three or four months. MSI’s commitment to understanding global and regional industry needs is why we have extended our reach to include our four manufacturing facilities and an ever-expanding distribution network. 

Don’t let a simple solution slow you down 

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