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Proper RHINO Tubular Handling System Handling in Extreme Weather

Transporting pipe and tubular products always involves risk. Even on the best days, workers could get injured or worse if not careful. This risk doesn’t even take into consideration weather. Everyone wants to work in perfect weather, but that wish can’t always be fulfilled. No matter if you are facing rain, heat, snow, sleet, or any other type of weather, when a job has to be completed, you don’t have time to worry about the working conditions. That is why when you work with a company like MSI Pipe Protection; you partner with a company that has already considered weather conditions with their RHINO Tubular Handling System.

RHINO Tubular Handling System

RHINO Tubular Handling System and the Weather

Wet working conditions are expected to increase and worsen as precipitation increases, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The safety of workers during transportation has been a priority for MSI’s RHINO Tubular Handling System. We engineered our RHINO system with an elastomeric bearing surface. This system keeps your tubes apart, immobile, and free from damage during transportation. 

Designed to ensure complete safety for your workers, the RHINO Tubular Handling System can withstand heavy winds.  Additionally, the RHINO features a free-draining and self-drying system that prevents standing water from accumulating and corroding pipes. In addition to safety, MSI’s RHINO THS is designed for speed as well. Because they stack quickly, they come in handy when the weather is bad. 

MSI's RHINO Tubular Handling System Stacking System

With a weight capacity of 12 tons, the RHINO THS is scalloped molded to prevent metal-to-metal contact, a collapsible system that will save you time and money in offshore operations, and has been field tested for decades in the North Sea. Our pieces are manufactured in Houston, TX by MSI and NOV, but are conditioned to withstand any weather situation worldwide.

For four decades, MSI has been creating, manufacturing, and producing quality products for shipping and transporting our client’s pipes with the workers in mind. Despite the weather, MSI manufactures our quality products, whether our RHINO Tubular Handling System or various products, including our pipe chocks to our thread protectors. MSI, and NOV, are world-renowned because our products are built for any condition.

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