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Introducing MSI’s New Pipe Protection Website


Great news! MSI has just launched an innovative, interactive, and responsive website that exemplifies our commitment to quality assurance and service excellence. Furthermore, we’re excited to introduce this site to our valued customers and partners. Why? Well, our new pipe protection technologies website is an online tool that provides solutions that ultimately meet your needs. Earlier in 2018, we asked you to complete our customer survey, you graciously participated, and we adhered to every word.

Here at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, our top priority is to help you deliver protected pipe, all day, every day. As a company, we are dedicated to remaining consistent in this commitment. Read on to discover more about our new site features and highlights designed to offer you an exciting online experience.

Guaranteed High-Quality Pipe Protection Products

The highlight of our website is the new navigation for the pipe protection products and services we offer to you – our valued customers. To make your user experience more effective, we’ve provided an introduction to product offerings, as well as a page that expresses our commitment to quality service excellence. Quality products and services will always be very important to us because we value you. At MSI, we believe every customer and partner deserves only the best in quality product and service; and this is our guarantee.

Also, under the products navigation, you’ll find our offerings for custom product designs and services, and our three main categories of product lines. This includes our popular, high-standard line of thread protectors, pipe storage and handling systems, and all-important pipe accessories.

Because we understand that not every customer need is the same, we’re honored to provide products for various industries. MSI’s products are designed to meet industry needs in oil and gas, drilling, mining, and municipal water districts. Our goal is to offer something for everyone; even if it means designing custom products to fit your unique needs.

Oil Rigs & Global Energy Information

Not only do we provide customers with quality products and services, but we also like to keep you informed. One of the ways we’ve accomplished this with the new website is through the navigation for oil rigs and energy prices. MSI has been honored to serve in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years. We serve not just in the United States, but around the world. As such, we’ve provided interactive features from Baker Hughes on our Rigs Around the World page. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on the latest rig counts worldwide, as well as on energy prices.

Furthermore, the rig section also provides resourceful information about the history and modern development of land and offshore rigs. Feel free to explore MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ site to discover more insightful information today.

Take Time to Learn More About Your MSI Company

We consider it a true privilege to serve as a global company and as your standard leader in pipe protection service technology. On our new website, you can gain tons of new and insightful industry information through our blog article navigation. As mentioned earlier, MSI enjoys keeping you informed about what’s happening in your industry. Our blog articles provide information about industry news, as well as company news and updates. Most importantly, we’ve provided years of featured articles and information on our quality products and how you can apply them during transport, storage, and operations.

MSI pipe protection management In the “About” MSI navigation, you can learn of our mission, our awesome management team, as well as explore career opportunities. At MSI, we also make it easy for you to connect with us anywhere around the world. Our customers can contact us here in the US at our company headquarters in Houston, TX. At the same time, for clients and partners in Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, we are just a call away. MSI is everywhere you are, and we are here for you when you need us.

Each page of our new website provides opportunities for you to connect with us live, request product quotes, view stunning video footage, as well as download your free catalog. We’ve spared no expense to ensure that we help you deliver all day, every day.  As a company, we endeavor to continue to be your standard leader in providing top-quality pipe protection products and services. On top of that, we wish to remain the kind of company that you can rely on to deliver exactly what you need.

Give us a call today toll-free at 1-877-276-9208.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

Browse our online catalog, call, or email us for more information.

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