MSI Pipe Protection Technologies OCTG Products Bolster Economies


OCTG products include pipes that are utilized to access and the reserves and bring the underground oil and gas up to the surface. The pressure at the depths where the reserves are accessed is incredible and the OCTG products have to be exceptionally strong, durable and dependable.

The global energy supply is largely dependent OCTG products for the stability and safety of oil and gas production

As the oil and gas industries continue to thrive, economies depend on its production in various ways. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies helps to keep the global economies stable by providing the best oil country tubular goods (OCTG) products in the oil and gas industry (as well as the mining and water well industries, as well).

Concerns are sometimes voiced regarding the world’s crude oil possibly running out – perhaps even in the near future.

Though we drill, produce and use more oil and gas every year – partly due to the advancements in technology and acceptance regarding shale oil and gas – we also are discovering that more oil reserves exist every year, as well.

Known world oil reserves are generally increasing in almost all regions. Though there is the possibility that we may run out of oil one day, it does not seem realistic during the next 100-years…or even 200 years.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies settles for nothing less than full compliance regarding our OCTG products

Since safety of the workers, surrounding communities and the environment are of the utmost importanc, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies settles for nothing less than full compliance with the American Petroleum Institute (API), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and Occupational Health and Safety Standards (OHSAS). MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is the global leader in OCTG products.

We consistently and successfully meet or exceed these strict requirements because of our commitment to the communities we serve and in which we operate as well as our employees, our customers and our environment.

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