Protection for OCTG During Harsh Canadian Winters


Whether a company is actively using tubulars, transporting them, or storing them, they must always handle these assets carefully. This is especially the case during harsh weather. The below-freezing temperatures that characterize US Northern states and Canadian winters can pose various threats to oilfield equipment. Particularly when companies do not properly store and protect their OCTG when the temperatures drastically decrease.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers a number of high-quality products specially designed to help protect OCTG during the winter. In turn, operating companies can remain assured that their equipment is in good condition and ready to use anytime.

Protecting Pipe During Storage

During drilling operations, companies require large quantities of tubulars and other oilfield equipment to maintain operations during a set timeframe. Likewise, they have to abide by a standard of storing and protecting the OCTG that they aren’t immediately using. Added to protecting pipe with thread protectors, pipe caps, and/or pipe plugs, operators must also consider protective storage equipment.

MSI’s pipe chocks, bumper rings, and packaging frames offer supreme levels of pipe protection during storage. Items like these help to keep pipe separated and stable during storage.  When you keep your tubulars spaced properly, you also ensure that moisture stays out, which helps to prevent corrosion. When maintaining the integrity of your tubulars is of utmost importance, environmental protection must be applied.

Thread Protectors

MaxX™ thread protectors are an excellent option for protecting pipe threads during the winter months. These protectors feature an all-plastic design compliant with API 5CT, Annex I, 10th edition specs. In addition to the vast amounts of impact scenarios that MaxX protects against, it’s most suitable for Canadian environments. For instance, it can withstand extreme temperatures of -50°F. Therefore, they’re ideal for long-term storage in extremely cold environments.

Sucker Rod Caps and Plugs

Quality manufacturers design sucker rod caps and plugs to protect sucker rod pin ends and coupling ends. Cap and/or plug protection is highly effective for when sucker rods are stored and/or transported. These non-threaded protectors are easy to apply, and feature a hex-head design or pull tab for quick and convenient removal. Both types provide OCTG sucker rod protection from corrosion and are available in various standard sizes suitable to your needs.

Pipe Packaging Frames

Pipe packaging frames make it possible to safely and securely store drill pipe, tubing, and casing. MSI’s Raptor Pipe Packaging Frames™ are made from high-density polyethylene and will properly fit various OCTG sizes. Companies are able to use four pipe packaging frames to secure each pipe bundle. One of the best investments a company can make is in quality packaging frames because they last for many years. Furthermore, this makes them the perfect economical option for storing pipes throughout the winter months and the entire year.

MSI Helps You Prepare for Winter Operations

Whether your company is transporting or storing OCTG, the right kind of protection is critical to maintaining their integrity. This is especially the case when extreme weather is a guarantee. MSI offers a broad range of superior products designed to protect OCTG under every circumstance.

If your company is operating in the US, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, we’re everywhere you are waiting to help you deliver.  If you need to prepare for winter operations, contact MSI online. Or call us for orders and information at 1-877-276-9208.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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