plastic pipe caps

The Ultimate Guide To Plastic Pipe Caps

Pipes of all sizes are shipped by truck, rail, and boat, and most pipes are then stored in yard directly exposed to the elements. But what happens when pipes aren’t properly protected while getting from point A to point B? Anyone who works in the offshore oil industry or at a pipe storage facility knows that pipes not protected with thread protectors can sustain damage from harsh environmental conditions and impact. Additionally, moisture, dust, rust, and corrosion often cause pipe damage during storage. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ plastic pipe caps are a practical and cost-effective way to keep your pipes intact.

To keep your business running smoothly, make prevention a top priority. As a dedicated pipe protector company, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is passionate about preventing pipe damage. To better understand which pipe protection products you need, read MSI’s comprehensive guide below.

plastic pipe caps

How Do Plastic Pipe Caps Work?

If you’re not entirely familiar with the functionality of plastic pipe caps, don’t worry. MSI has you covered. Plastic pipe caps are easy to install and apply to pipes and tubes typically manufactured from steel, aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, and fiberglass. Pipe manufacturers and storage facilities rely on pipe caps to prevent damage.

Plastic pipe caps are designated to fit snuggly around pipe threads, bevel ends, and open pipe ends. When installed correctly, they seal the pipe ends, protecting them from outside substances and leaks.

Why Should I Consider Plastic Pipe Caps for My Business?

You’ll find that are several different types of pipe caps. But how do you know which one offers the right solution for your business? In comparison to pipes made from other materials, plastic pipe caps offer a wide range of benefits. Here’s why you should consider them:

  • They help pipes survive the elements during shipping
  • They keep pipes and other tubular products in the best possible condition in storage
  • They’re lightweight in comparison to metal pipe caps
  • They’re easy to install and remove from pipe threads
  • They are flexible in comparison to metal pipe caps
  • They’re UV-resistant and long-lasting (although this varies)
  • They can withstand extreme industrial and environmental conditions
  • Most plastic pipe caps are 100% recyclable

Types of Plastic Pipe Caps Offered by MSI

Working in the oil and gas industry it’s in your best interest to keep your pipes in the best possible condition. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies carries a wide variety of plastic pipe caps (also referred to as thread protectors). Each serves a specific purpose, whether it be protecting pipe threads or keeping unwanted substances out.

Before you decide which pipe cap best suits your needs, review the MSI products listed below:

Drill pipe protectors

Drill pipes are an essential component of offshore drilling rigs. However, they often sustain damage due to corrosion, cyclic stress, impact damage, and other factors. MSI’s high-quality plastic drill pipe protectors protect the entire thread form and seal off the internal and external threads during long-term storage and transportation. Additionally, they are suitable for all grade pipes sizes 2-3/8” through 7-5/8”.

Line Pipe Protectors

Industries rely on line pipes to transport petroleum, crude oil, natural gas, and water. Line pipe protectors are non-threaded and cover entire pipe openings. This prevents debris from entering the pipes and protects the pipe ends from environmental and impact damage. Their simple design makes them easy to install and remove from line pipe ends. MSI’s line pipe protectors come in closed-end, liftable, and non-liftable designs. They also fit plain-end and beveled line pipes sizes 2-3/8” through 24”.

Annex OCTG Protectors

Made from plastic resin formulation, MAXX thread protectors are made to survive the harshest conditions in the oil and gas industry, including extreme temperatures and high impact. MAXX fully complies with the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards for Annex I, 5CT, 10th edition. Our liftable designs fit pipe sizes 2 3/8” – 9 5/8” for pin or box ends. Our liftable designs fit pipe sizes 2 3/8” – 3 ½” for liftable box ends and 4 ½” – 9 5/8” for pin or box ends.

Also fully API compliant, the Ultra thread protectors are made to withstand high impact and extreme conditions during all types of shipping and storage. This product is formulated from all-plastic proprietary resins. The CNC machined threads provide a precision fit to tubing sizes 2-3/8” – 4-1/2” and casing sizes 4-1/2” – 11-7/8” for premium thread connections.

Heavy Duty OCTG Protectors

Long-term pipe storage requires thread protection from corrosion and high impact. MSI’s heavy-duty Titan thread protectors are the perfect solution to long-term pipe storage and non-extreme transportation. Casing sizes come in closed-end liftable and non-liftable designs suitable for all API thread types sizes 4-1/2” – 13-3/8”. They also apply to tubing sizes 2-3/8” – 3-1/2” for EUE and NUE pins only.

Light Duty OCTG Protectors

MSI’s – light-duty Tector thread protectors offer basic protection to help extend the life of your pipes. While they are best used for short-term or yard storage, they’re designed to protect your pipes from environmental damage as well as minimal impacts. Additionally, they are available in open and closed-end designs, as well as in recessed and non-recessed closed-end designs. Tector thread protectors fit with tubing sizes ¾” – 4-1/2” for NUE and EUE, as well as casing sizes 4-1/2” – 13-3/8”.

MSI’s Tector Plus thread protectors serve the same purpose as the Tector thread protectors, but are designed marginally thicker to accommodate the Canadian market. They apply to tubing sizes 2-3/8” – 3-1/2” for EUE and casing sizes 4-1/2” – 9-5/8” for STC and LTC.

Make MSI Your Source for Plastic Pipe Caps

Plastic pipe caps and other high-quality pipe thread protector products are key to the success of your business. The pipe protection experts at MSI are committed to providing customers with a variety of options. They’ll take an inclusive approach to helping you select a product specifically tailored to your needs. Contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies today to begin exploring their list of products.

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