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Pipe Protection Is An Essential

No matter if operations take place on land or afloat, every rig operates at what might be called “deliberate speed,” which is to say that things need to get done as fast as possible without imposing any really egregious risks to the rig hands.

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5 Top Producing Oil Wells Around the World

Even though we have become a world of green economy, oil is still a valuable commodity that creates fortunes. China recently surpassed the United States in oil imports, and it seems that the situation will not change in the coming years.

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How Can Hackers Impact The Oil And Gas Industry (Part 2)

There is reason to have serious concerns if a hacker prevails over a network system within the oil and gas industry. First and foremost, the personal information of millions of clients can be sold, or traded, to land in the hands of others that have nothing but ill intentions.

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