How MSI’s Pipe Protection Can Increase Your Oil Production


According to Statista, demand for crude oil across the globe in 2020 was projected to increase to 96.5 million barrels per day in 2021. When it comes to your oil production, protecting your hardware is the best way to ensure that your equipment is operating at its highest potential. That’s why utilizing items like a thread protection sleeve and drill pipe protectors can help secure your oil production for many years to come. Keep reading to learn how MSI pipe protection can help with your oil production and save your business both resources and money.

Corrosion Corrosion and Damage

The main way that your oil production can be stopped is if your pipes become corroded. Corrosion in pipes occurs when the fluid inside of the pipes has high levels of oxygen. This can lead to your pipes rusting sooner rather than later. If your pipes are made of cheap materials, this process can be accelerated, resulting in potential leaks. Another way your pipes can become damaged are if they get scratched on the outside. This is why pipe protection is so important. Some leaks take a long time to find, resulting in unknown losses. Protecting your pipes is the only way to ensure something like this doesn’t happen. Here are some tools you can use that will help the lifespan of your equipment.

Thread Protection Sleeve

When you’re initially buying your equipment, it’s important to have it protected when it’s in transit. One thing that can be useful just for this is a thread protection sleeve. When the threads are damaged on your pipe, it becomes questionable whether or not you can rely on that section of pipe. This can cause leaks at the ends of the pipe — the last place you want oil to exit out of. By preserving the threads using a thread protection sleeve you’re ensuring that your connections are secure and ready to be used.

Pipe Caps Non-Threaded Pipe Caps

While having a thread protection sleeve can help, having a pipe cap at the end of the pipe can be that extra protection that saves your pipe for even longer. When it comes to pipe caps, the last thing you need is for something to find its way into the pipe. Having a cap can make a huge difference between being able to use a pipe again and having to buy a new one. Every penny you spend on replacements results in less money in your pocket.

Drill Pipe Protectors

While a thread protection sleeve can be used before attaching a section of pipe, a drill pipe protector can help protect a pipe for the long term. Many companies spend less money on a part like this in order to save on overhead. Although a piece like this may be small, its role is important to the overall function of the pipe.

Stabbing Guide Stabbing Guide

Another important piece of equipment you need when bringing pipes together is a stabbing guide. The end of a pipe can be damaged if it is misaligned. Misalignment results in a collision that can cost your company a lot of money. Utilizing a stabbing guide, you’ll be able to create a clean connection the first time instead of misaligning and causing irreparable damage.

Pipe Storage

While handling the actual pipe plays an important part in how much oil you can produce, storing the pipe correctly can also help. If you store your pipes in a rough environment, the metal can get damaged simply by putting it on the floor or somewhere it shouldn’t be. It’s important to have an ample amount of shelving and a safe space to store your pipes. Pipe storage can be the difference between having proper flow and losing money.

Pipe Chocks Pipe Chokes

When you’re storing your pipes, stacking is the most common method that has been used. The problem with stacking, however, is that when the pipes rub up against one another, you can get scratches that will lead to problems later on. Dirt and debris can end up on top of your pipe when installed, leading those same scratches caused by the stacking to become exaggerated. Utilizing pipe chocks, you can stack your pipes as high as you need to without damaging the outside of the pipe.

Lifting Bails Lifting Bail

When lifting any sort of equipment related to piping, you need to be extremely careful. Typically, when you’re lifting something, it’s by a joint that can easily break. If a tool breaks at a joint, you could be waiting weeks to be able to utilize that tool again, considering replacement shipping times. You can save yourself time and money by utilizing a lifting bail. The lifting bails we produce are made to save your equipment.

How Does This Help?

Increase Your Pipe Production Infographic

Protecting your pipes may seem like something that’s common sense, but the results really start to show down the line. Like any other type of tool you carry at home, if you don’t take care of it, you’ll have to have it replaced soon. Replacing a tool can be quite expensive, but many people save money by protecting the tool when it’s not in use. This involves both cleaning and proper storage. What we try to do by utilizing the tools listed above is save your pipes before and after usage instead of during. How this helps with oil production is not allowing any oil to exit the pipe when you don’t want it to. This is an issue that many companies run into. Don’t let this be an issue you have, invest in the proper care and storage of your pipes.

Over the years, oil has become more and more scarce. Producing enough oil to accommodate the needs of everyone who needs it is almost impossible. That’s why it’s important to preserve as much oil as we can. While a tiny leak may not seem like a lot, it adds up over time. While the impact isn’t immediately noticeable, realize that you could use small, simple tools to save your business in the long term. By staying on top of this utilizing our products, you could be improving your oil production while increasing the longevity of your business.

When you utilize tools like a thread protection sleeve or a stabbing guide, you’re opening yourself up to major savings down the line. The last thing you want to do is lose oil while using the equipment you thought you could trust. When it comes to price, it isn’t a massive difference between buying tools that can last and saving money on tools that may not last as long. Make the right choice and invest in the future of your business.  We’re sure we can help you find what you’re looking for all while preserving the equipment you paid a lot of money for.

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