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sucker rod caps plug protectors

The Latest Innovations in Sucker Rod Protectors

Sucker rods remain an essential component of efficient and productive well operations. As a key part of the mechanical extraction process, rods must operate reliably and consistently to ensure a continued yield. Pumpers, for instance, should maintain and service sucker rods. However, a faulty section in the rod string could penetrate the tubing if separation

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MSI Pipe protection

Innovations in the Pipe Protection Industry

Many factors impact innovation in the pipe protection industry Science and technology are constantly pushing the limits of humanity’s energy production capabilities. Better understanding allows operators to improve on how they manufacture, transport, store, and install piping systems. Pipe protection has also undergone similar innovations that continue to evolve with the changing needs of the

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Standard and custom pipe protection applications

Finding Unique Custom Pipe Protection

As always, the risk is inherent in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, mitigating issues surrounding the fabrication, storage, and transport of equipment remains a priority at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. For oil and gas applications that require unique protection, MSI helps determine the best design for your application. As an NOV Tuboscope company, we

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Hammer union thread protection oil and gas industry

Protect Your Hammer Union Threads

Hammer unions are ideal for use in the Oil and Gas industry, but also find applications in other markets. With a threaded male and female connection (or butt-welded for higher operating pressure), they connect flow-lines or temporary pipes quickly and easily. Safety during drilling and rigging operations is essential, making the correct utilization of hammer

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Preserving drill pipe threads

Preserving Your Drill Pipes and Pipe Threads

The oil and gas industry can be perilous when you have defective pipe threads. Poor quality in pipe protection can lead to expensive problems and lengthy wait times for repairs that hinder business. Below, we discuss how pipe protection maintains the integrity of your drill pipe threads, and how you can ultimately save money. The

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API standards and specifications concept

What API Standards & Specifications Mean to Your Bottom Line

API standards and specifications are very important factors that can affect the success of your company operations. This is especially true if your company is engaged in the oil and gas production or drilling industries. As a matter of fact, API specifications refer to criteria for OCTG set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). In

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ISO certification for pipe protection

ISO Certification 9001 and 14001 for Pipe Protection

ISO certifications, 9001 and 14001, play an important role in the manufacturing of pipe protection products in the O&G industry. If you’re considering multiple companies for these products, perhaps learning more about ISO certifications will help guide your decision. Below, we will break down what you need to know about these (ISO – International Organization

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Offshore Oil Rig Production in the U.S.

It can be mind-boggling the amount of oil that offshore oil rigs produce each month and year.  And as it stands, the United States remains the top producer of oil and gas worldwide. Besides, it looks like the U.S. has made history once again in April of 2019. Crude oil production and lease condensate in

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Recycling Used Thread Protectors on Earth Day & Every Day

One way oil and gas producers and drilling operators can help protect our environment is through recycling thread protectors. Since U.S. drillers alone spend over $8 billion/year on steel piping equipment, pipe protection remains essential for safe operations worldwide. Yet, many companies may not exactly know how to properly dispose of these vital pipe protection

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an aerial view of an energy production petrochemical plant

The 4 Biggest Influencers on Energy Production

Many factors directly impact energy production. Four of the most significant influencers are the global economy, politics, consumption, and energy availability.  The question is… ‘Which of these factors influence energy outcome expectations the most?’ In this article, you will gain insights into each of these influential factors, as well as have an opportunity to share

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