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Ultra™ Thread Protection: The Benefits

Looking for thread protection that is a step above the standard offerings?  Premium thread protectors offer added protection. MSI is proud to offer our Ultra™ thread protection for your tubular assets while in storage, during transport, and handling.  The benefits associated with this level of protection make it a great option for many companies looking

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MSI Pipe Protection

Why MSI for Your Pipe Protection Needs

Pipe protection is important to a variety of industries as pipe is essential to any business where a fluid is moved from one location to another for use or processing.  The handling of pipe is inherently rough as it often involves moving through earth and being transported from one location to another.  Because pipe is

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thread protectors

Choosing Your Thread Protector Material

If you are new to pipe protection, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available.  Thread protectors are one of the most commonly used forms of pipe protection, and even then you have some great options in terms of type, durability, and even material.   MSI offers thread protector options in several different

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Oil pump. Oil industry equipment.

The Importance of Pipe Protection in the Oil and Gas Industry

Pipe is necessary for the oil and gas industry to function.  Pipe in good working order is essential as it is what moves oil and other resources from one location to another.  Unfortunately, the oil and gas industry is probably the most affected by pipe failures.  If we overlook the anomaly of 2020 due to

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api thread protectors

Protecting Drill Pipe: The Options

Pipe is a huge investment for any company, which is why there are many options for pipe protection that will help to extend the life of the pipe as well as protect the people who are handling it. With many different forms of pipe protection, companies are often unsure which forms they need to invest

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World Pipe Thread Protectors

What to Expect from MSI Pipe Protection

Protecting your tubular product is essential to the success of your business. Having access to the highest quality pipe protection that you can trust will make protecting your pipe second nature. If pipe isn’t protected, it can cause costly delays, or worse, accidents at drill sites. This is where MSI comes in.  With more than

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investments in Pipe Chock Application

Pipe Chocks: An Important Investment in Pipe Protection

Pipe is an enormous investment and you’ll want to extend that investment as much as possible and a simple way to do this is through pipe protection products, such as pipe chocks.  While there are a lot of different pipe protection products to choose from, pipe chocks are an important consideration.  Pipe chocks are a

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Rhino Storage System: The Benefits

Your tubular products are one of the biggest expenses your company will incur.  The pipe you rely on needs to be handled with care to extend its life and investment.  Luckily, there are many great pipe protection products on the market to make the handling of pipe as safe as possible.  Yet, an often overlooked

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MSI pipe protection

Will the Election Impact the Oil and Gas Industry?

An American presidential election year always brings questions about how the election outcome will impact business. This is especially true for the oil and gas industry, as political interests often affect rules and regulations as well as foreign policy.   2020 has already been a unique year in terms of impacts on the oil and gas

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blue cap pipe protection products in use

Who Uses Pipe Protection Products?

Pipe protection comes in many shapes and sizes dependent on the specific needs of the purchaser. Organizations from around the world rely on pipe protection products to move tubular assets from one site to another and to aid in the safe and accurate handling of tubulars on a job site.  If you are new to

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bumper rings

Bumper Rings: An Essential Pipe Protection Product

2020 has been an unprecedented year for oil and gas industry and the world at large.  Yet, even in uncertain times, it is important for companies who rely on pipe to protect their assets.  Pipe protection is an investment, but a necessary one.  Pipes should always be protected because when pipe is damaged it can

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handshakes on pipe protection

Top Three Guidelines for Choosing a Pipe Protection Vendor

Pipe protection products are a necessary investment for any business that is looking to protect its most vital asset: pipe.  Yet, when it comes time to find a pipe protection vendor to purchase the pipe protection products your business needs, you may find that you have more choices than you anticipated.  How do you know

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