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Pipe packaging frame solutions from MSI

Pipe Packaging Frames: A Quality Pipe Handling Solution

Most oilfield and drilling companies know that efficient pipe protection during transportation and storage requires a highly specialized solution. That’s why companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies provide innovative handling systems like Raptor™ Pipe Packaging Frames. Our frames maintain the integrity of drill pipe and other tubular goods that operators use during transport, storage, and

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Easy & Effective Line Pipe Protectors Protect Your Bottom Line

When it comes to protective applications for pipes in the oilfield, and on mining or other municipal industry sites, you will find line pipe protectors. They offer a very cost-effective and simple solution to protect pipe ends and their strings. The modern design of MSI’s pipe caps and plugs are used by various operations around

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Quality thread protectors from MSI

Are You Using Top-Quality Thread Protectors?

Every oilfield operation knows how crucial it is to ensure perfect and proper tubing connections during the installation process.  The only way operators can experience this is when they don’t have damaged or imperfect pipe thread ends. MSI’s top-quality thread protectors will go to work for your operations to protect your pipe threads prior to

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Shale gas oil rig production site

The US & Global Rise in Shale Gas Production

The activity and production of shale in the United States as a source of natural gas has and continues to increase exponentially over the years. This continued increase is due in large part to the discovery of new shale gas sources thanks to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology applications. Geologists and surveyors…

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MSI perforating gun thread protection

MSI’s Role in Perforating Gun Thread Protection

Did you know that MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers custom thread protection for perforating gun equipment? We also have the capacity to ensure your needs are met when it comes to protecting perforating guns and downhole drilling equipment for both standard and non-standard applications. Operating companies can always rely on our pipe and thread protection

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Love bumper rings

Why We Love Bumper Rings

The right kind of protection is important to your inventory. And the small act of investing in pipe protection can go a long way in preserving oilfield equipment and operations. Even before end-users install equipment, adequate pipe protection is a vital part of maintaining the integrity of that equipment. Bumper rings, for example, provide superior

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Hammer Union thread protection

See What’s New in MSI’s Thread Protection Line

Did you know that MSI Pipe Protection Technologies now offers 1502 hammer union protectors? We have high-quality thread protectors for both the male and female connections. At MSI, we understand how crucial your investments are, as well as your need to ensure that every operation runs smoothly. Our #1 goal is to help you deliver

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Threaded pipe caps and plugs

Pipe Caps and Plugs Built for Lasting Protection

Keeping oilfield equipment in good working condition helps to limit production time delays and ultimately saves on overall operating expenses. In fact, damaged tubulars and sucker rods can slow down operations and decrease production. And this is why protecting these investments is essential. Pipe caps and plugs from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies will protect your

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Pipe Protection NOV Acquisition

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies (PPT) Acquired By NOV

To our valued Customers We are pleased to announce the transition in ownership from MSI PLC to Houston-based, National Oilwell Varco (NOV), as of January 15, 2019. As an NOV company, we will reside in the Wellbore Technologies segment and operate as the MSI Pipe Protection Technologies product line within Tuboscope. Tuboscope’s ongoing commitment is

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Drill pipe protection stacked load

Quality Pipe Protection for All Seasons

Regardless of the time of year, or weather conditions under which you operate, if you work with tubulars, you need reliable and durable pipe protection. Oil, gas, and water well operations all require unique tubular goods and significant investment. Furthermore, that equipment must have protective applications during transport, storage, and handling prior to use. Fortunately,

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Texas oil rig count

2019 Projections for Oil Rigs & Production

Leading up to 2019, the oil and gas growth in the United States has steadily increased. Most of this growth has been attributed to an area known as the Permian Basin in West Texas. In fact, more than 40 percent of America’s active oil rigs are in this region. However, when it comes to sustainable

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MSI Pipe Protection Technologies' New Website

Introducing MSI’s New Pipe Protection Website

Great news! MSI has just launched an innovative, interactive, and responsive website that exemplifies our commitment to quality assurance and service excellence. Furthermore, we’re excited to introduce this site to our valued customers and partners. Why? Well, our new pipe protection technologies website is an online tool that provides solutions that ultimately meet your needs.

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