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Drill pipe storage

Drill Pipe Storage and Handling: Four Types and What They Do.

Drill pipe storage and handling are an essential part of any oil and gas company. They ensure the pipes are safe when they are being stored, transported, and handled. They also assure that your company’s operations are not halted and that they continue to run safely. Pipe storage and handling has many benefits for pipes

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drill pipe damage causes

Drill Pipe Damage and Common Causes

MSI is proud to offer a wide variety of pipe protection products that help protect tubular products to ensure they are always in the best working condition possible when they arrive on the job site. Not sure pipe protection products are something you need to invest in? Looking at how drill pipe is usually damaged

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MSI Pipe Protection is your pipe protection company for quality products and service.

Why Those Who Know Choose MSI: Pipe Protection

The oil and gas industry is constantly changing. Whether you are looking to start up an oil rig, expand your production, or move locations, you want to build your business on high-quality pipe protection products like our exceptional thread protectors or impeccable customer service. Here are four reasons why MSI Pipe Protection is the global

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pipe protection supplier

Reasons to keep a Relationship With a Pipe Protection Supplier

Pipe protection products come in many shapes and sizes, developed to fit the unique needs of each user. While many different pipe protection providers are available today, it is beneficial to stay with a trusted supplier once you have made that connection. At MSI, we find that we have relationships with our clients that last

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MSI's high-quality Magnum drill pipe protector

Magnum Thread Protectors for Heavy-Duty Protection

As you know, pipe threads are easily damaged when pipe is being transported for use and subjected to the rough environments the oil and gas industries are known for.  Luckily, thread protectors can work to protect your pipe from harsh conditions.  Choosing the right level of magnum thread protection will extend the life of your

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The 5 Best Practices for Effective Pipe Transportation

Drill pipes are an essential part of the oil drilling industry, and you need to ensure that they arrive safely at your worksite. Without your drill pipes, work stops, and your production comes to a halt. Companies that manufacture pipe products need to prioritize drill pipe safety during transportation to avoid any sort of damage.

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MSI Pipe Protection and Pipe Caps

The Advantages to Using MSI’s Large Plastic Pipe Caps

When it comes to oil production, hardware protection is vital. Thankfully, MSI has several products that can help protect your pipes and preserve their usage. These include thread protection, lifting bail, pipe chocks, pipe storage, a stabbing guide, drill pipe protectors, and large plastic pipe caps. Let’s look at four key advantages of using MSI’s

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MSI's Rhino Tubular Handling System

The 4 Benefits of MSI’s Rhino Tubular Handling System

For nearly four decades, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has designed and manufactured Rhino Tubular Handling System as a safe and highly effective method of bundling, lifting, and transporting tubular stock around the world. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has a longstanding reputation as a top manufacturer and supplier of pipe protection equipment. Keep reading to learn

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sucker rods

NOV Introduces New Ideal™ Electric Frac Fleet

MSI is always on the lookout for new and exciting innovations to the oil and gas industry.  While controversial, fracking is an ongoing and important part to the industry as a whole.  While current systems have been adapted over the years to comply with environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) to improve functionality, the system

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oil rigs and covid 19

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Oil and Drill Pipe Protector Industries

All employees in the oil industry, including drill pipe protector suppliers, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have been forced to change their long-term plans or shift contracts, and employees have even lost jobs because of this. Offshore oil rigging companies are no exception, as construction and maintenance have slowed significantly. This is partly due to delays in

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